Module #1: Understanding My Passions and Purpose

You need to put YOU first! It’s time to take your life back and become your own hero. If you keep doing things in the same way, you’ll keep getting the same thing – what you have right now.

You can’t get to where you reeeeally want to be unless you do some very important internal work. When you’re clear about what you want, it’ll become easy as pie  …and the whole world begins to open up to YOU!

YOU ARE HERE will explore the definitions of “passion” and “purpose”; and help you understand how you will feel when your actions align and reflect your purposeful Self.

You’re on your way

  • One calendar year of access to the RightLife RuleBook online program
  • Six self-guided video coaching sessions
  • Worksheets and audio visualizations
  • Monthly email updates and practices to keep you on track
  • Option for significantly discounted coaching when you complete the course

RightLife RuleBook is a self-guided coaching course for people ready to untangle their paths and live a passionate, balanced life.