Session #3: Becoming the Person You Want to Be

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Do you have a vision for yourself?  Are you willing to get very honest with what you want?

It’s time dive in, you’ll never be the same! 


You know how it goes… If you could do whatever you wanted, you might change some significant pieces of your life.

I used to daydream about things that I hoped would happen, but I didn’t DO anything about them  …until I DID.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to at least get clear about what lights you up, it’s time to get to the truth of the matter – with yourself and your world.

It’s a confident step to a lifetime of freedom!

Figuring out what you – and only you – want is the whole reason you’re here, right?!

In this coaching session, Getting Clear & Centered With My Personal Truth, I focus on the tools that will help you create understanding and self-honesty. No one else needs to be involved.


  • You get to decide what and whom you’ll be dedicated to.

  • You get to move forward on something you want, not what someone else wants for you.

  • You must take counsel with yourself; and for god’s sake, cut yourself some slack!

  • You must open up to your own level of personal investment in your own time.

Nona Jordan, esteemed Master Coach and leader of The School for Sacred Practice, reminds us that, “any change made in your mind, or even on an emotional or energetic level, doesn’t do much good unless it translates into a change in how we show up in the world.”

Let’s begin your plan to prosperity!

Every client really, really wants something they don’t have… YET!

You’re on your way


RightLife RuleBook is a self-guided coaching course for people ready to untangle their paths and live a passionate, balanced life.