Module #6: My Weekly Checklist for Sustainable Change!*

You got the goods to get to great! Now you’ll use what you know to begin the journey on your own.

You were made enjoy this journey called your life! 

In this coaching session you’ll learn how to navigate your days and maintain a positive charge in your soul and your life!

We’ll work through a daily checklist to create sustainable change. You’ll create a timeline so you can set your course, one step at time.  Did you forget you had a choice? 

You can easily use this robust checklist and understand each point’s explanation, but it will always work better when you have gone through a deeper session first. 

In this coaching session, I review each and every tool within RightLife RuleBook (in previous sessions) and explain the take-aways from each session. 

Harness your power and watch it expand!

It may feel like a leap of faith, but it’s truly your leap to a lifetime of freedom!

*This session is most effective if the other Modules have been completed.


You’re on your way

  • One calendar year of access to the RightLife RuleBook online program
  • Six self-guided video coaching sessions
  • Worksheets and audio visualizations
  • Monthly email updates and practices to keep you on track
  • Option for significantly discounted coaching when you complete the course

RightLife RuleBook is a self-guided coaching course for people ready to untangle their paths and live a passionate, balanced life.