Creating your RightLife Right Now

Only YOU can create the best YOU possible.

RightLife RuleBook is

A self-guided coaching course delivered in six video modules.

The program allows you to work at your own pace while receiving a schedule of e-mail updates to keep you on track. A step-by-step approach, through a repeatable process, will bring you back to YOUR RightLife’s path. You’ll begin the course taking stock of where you are now – what’s working and what’s not.

Then you’ll explore your desires, and what you love to do, in order to begin creation of a profession with passion, power & purpose! You’ll get clear on your thoughts and feelings, and begin action! From there you’ll plan your next move, and your next, and your next EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

You’ll be able to move along at your own pace, have access to a membership site for one-year, and receive an option to buy significantly discounted monthly, one-on-one coaching with me to keep you accountable and on track once you finish the coursework.

You’ll get everything you need to create the wonderfully rich profession you’ve always wanted!

If not now, when?

The 6 Modules of RightLife RuleBook

Module #1: You Are Here

You need to put YOU first! It’s time to take your life back and become your own hero. If you keep doing things in the same way, you’ll keep getting what you have right now.

You can’t get to where you reeeeally want to be unless you do some very important internal work. When you’re clear about what you want, it’ll become easy as pie  …and the whole world begins to open up to YOU!

YOU ARE HERE will explore the definitions of “passion” and “purpose”; and help you understand how you will feel when your actions reflect your purposeful Self.

Module #2: Find Every Available Road

Get rid of your limiting beliefs and the anxiety and fear that grips you and keeps you right where you are. We’ll learn about WHY this happens and what exercises you can practice to find your way through fear and to freedom.

Courage is not the absence of fear but the strength and ability to conquer it. You’ll create a personal cheat-sheet to move through it everyday. You’ll receive three specific tools that will challenge your thinking but also allow you to experiment with a few new ideas that I think will really open your eyes and prove the science behind the strategy!

The reality is FEAR NEVER goes away but when you know it’s there and you know how to calm it down, you can slide it to the side; and move right to courage.

Module #3: Time to Get Real: Self-Honesty

Now that you’re clear about what lights you up, it’s time to get to the truth of the matter – with yourself and your world. It’s a confident step to a lifetime of freedom!

You’ll get a pep talk about what YOU really want. Not what you think your next move is supposed to be. Figuring out what you – and only you – want is the whole reason you’re here, right?!

We’ll begin the plan to prosperity, using your passions and purpose! What Stays, what goes? Every client really, really wants something they don’t have… YET!

Module #4: The Kiddie Pool vs. The Ocean

It’s time to pull in your resources and you now have an ocean of tools! It’s time to test your tools and make your move out of the kiddie pool. This is your first active expression in the wide-open world and you are totally ready. But remember, your options are endless!

No more playing small! It’s decision-making time. This Module will focus completely on making the decisions that serve YOU. Evaluating and clearing away what isn’t serving you. It could be a job, a relationship, a place, or anything that just doesn’t feel super.

You’ll learn the about the actions you can take, and HOW to make moves that serve YOU. Module answers: What am I still committed to? What are my priorities? Where will I need extra courage to support me? Should I stay or should I go? You’ll begin to take courageous action.

Module #5: Staying in Motion

No good plan comes without a budget. As you chart your course, money matters!

We’ll begin with an overview about the mindsets of scarcity vs. abundance. You’ll work on budget sheets and begin your journey to make moves! Your “moves” will include understanding your finances, and knowing what options you have based upon your finances. For real!

You’ll understand your personal preference for risk. You’ll understand what freaks you out, and what seems AOK.

This course IS NOT about getting everyone to quit a job and become a millionaire entrepreneur! It’s about creating the life YOU want!

Module #6: Adventure Time!

You got the goods to get to great! Now you’ll use what you know to begin the journey on your own.

We’ll work through our planning worksheets and create sustainable checkpoints. You’ll create a timeline so you can set your course, one step at time. The time is NOW so go get what YOU really, really want. Did you forget you had a choice? Inspired planning is a sustainable process! It’s time to use what you know.

You must use what you know. You are beginning the journey on your own. The key is to start having fun with your work and life! Harness your power and watch it explode! It may feel like a leap of faith, but it’s the next step to lifetime freedom!

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