Creating your RightLife Right Now

Only YOU can create the best YOU possible.

RightLife RuleBook is

A self-guided coaching course delivered in private video sessions.

  • The program allows you to work at your own pace.
  • A step-by-step process to bring you back to yourself, and begin creating YOUR life.
  • Take stock of where you are now – and change what’s not working.

Explore your desires, and what you really love to do, in order to create a life and career with passion, power & purpose!  From there you’ll plan your next move, and your next, and your next EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

You’ll also be able to buy significantly discounted, one-on-one coaching with me. You’ll receive all the support you need to create the wonderfully rich life you deserve.

Six Coaching Sessions of RightLife RuleBook

$99 each

Session #1: Understanding My Passions and Purpose

It’s time to take your life back and become your own hero. If you keep doing things in the same way, you’ll keep getting what you have right now. You can’t get to where you reeeeally want to be unless you do the internal work. When you’re honest with yourself about what YOU want, it’ll become easy as pie to make your moves  …and the whole world begins to open up to YOU! Learning the clues that are all around you is a key to your actions.

Session 1 coaches you through the exploration of your passions and your purpose. It’ll clarify what really lights you up! And we’ll work through the feelings that will come up  when your actions reflect your purposeful Self.

Session #2: Finding the Courage to Make Changes, and Leap Through Fear

Get rid of your limiting beliefs and the anxiety and fear that keeps you right where you are. We’ll learn about WHY this happens to you, and what exercises you need to practice to find your way through fear and into freedom.

Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to move forward anyway and know you’re safe. You’ll create a personal cheat-sheet to support you everyday. You’ll receive three specific tools that will allow you to experiment with new ideas and I think they will really open your eyes, proving to you that there’s lots of science behind the strategy!

The reality is fear never goes away, but when you know how to calm it down, you can slide it to the side; and leap to courage.

Session #3: Becoming the Person You Want to Be

Your new reality can only come from what you desire. It’s time to take counsel with yourself. I know you know what you want. I know you already have all the answers, and now it’s time to uncover your personal truth. The most important steps for a lifetime of freedom!

You’ll get a pep talk about what YOU really want. And we’ll work through visualizations to help you commit to your life – not what you think your life is supposed to be. That’ll never make you truly happy.  Figuring out what ONLY YOU truly wants is the whole reason you’re here, right?! We’ll begin the plan to your future and it’s time to bring your precious internal guidance forward!

Session #4: Making a Tough Decision

Decision making can be tough! Once you decide, your whole world may change! And if your options are endless, sometimes that can be become even harder!

No more playing small! If you’re simply trying to get through everyday, it’s decision-making time. This Module will focus completely on making the decisions that serve YOU. Evaluating and clearing away what isn’t serving you. It could be a job, a relationship, a place, or anything that doesn’t feel super.

You’ll learn the about the actions you can take, and HOW to make moves that serve YOU.

This module will answer: What am I still committed to? What are my priorities? Where will I need extra courage to support me? Should I stay or should I go? What’s my first step? You’ll begin to take courageous action.

Session #5: How Much Money Do I Need to Create Real Change?

No good plan happens without a budget. As you chart a new course, your money matters! We’ll begin with the mindsets of scarcity vs. abundance.  You’ll work on budget sheets to understand exactly how much money you need to securely begin your journey!  You will understand your finances, and know what options you have. You can’t make solid change with having this awareness. You’ll learn about your personal preference for risk. You’ll understand what freaks you out, what might need more courage, and what seems AOK. This session IS NOT about quitting your job and running to paradise.  It’s about creating the life YOU want! And if that’s what you want – you need to make the money moves.

Session #6: My Weekly Checklist for Sustainable Change!*

You were made enjoy the journey and love your life!  In this coaching session you’ll learn how to navigate your days and maintain a positive charge in your soul and your life!

We’ll work through a daily checklist to create sustainable change. You’ll create a timeline so you can set your course, one step at time.  Did you forget you had a choice?

You can easily use this robust checklist and understand each point’s explanation, but it will always work better when have gone through a deeper session first.  In this coaching session I review each and every tool within RightLife RuleBook (in previous sessions) and explain the take-aways from each session.

Harness your power and watch it expand! It may feel like a leap of faith, but it’s truly your next step to a lifetime freedom!

*This session is most effective if the other Modules have been completed.

I want you to find your RightLife